About SpaceShare

About SpaceShare’s story begins with the belief that SpaceShare shall bring true value to the young Vietnamese generation of favorite space field. Let us begin the journey to explore your SpaceShare. 
Article to tell you that:
  • Who are We? 
  • We provide what value? 
  • The vision and mission of 
SpaceShare is the online platform where users can access the spaces through the website and the app on mobile devices, supporting the search and selection of places for working, studying, meeting partners, conveniently.
Being the first brand to incorporate the actual space with the online platform in Vietnam, SpaceShare desires to optimize the way to approach traditionally and take users to many different spaces to help users with these diverse , consistent and meaningful experience. 
SpaceShare believe that, with the technology platform integrating many features, users will have access to and experience any space easily and conveniently. 
  • Technology platform
Through this platform, users have the opportunity to  access to a variety of different coworking Space models  incredibly , be proactive understanding of the status UP-TO-DATE information of each location and choose an appropriate working space for yourself. 
  • Community connection
SpaceShare be with the desire to create a community of the young connected to work together, share knowledge, experience, and even the story of life to jointly develop, actually contribute to society better.
  • Knowledge and news 
SpaceShare brings information and knowledge which is valuable to the different sectors, the highlights and useful to the community, besides the story interesting, inspiring inspiration of young people active, modern and talent.
SpaceShare tends to connect – to build a shared community space worldwide where people can work together, organize events, study, … and develope together . We’re dedicated to innovation to contribute to improving the quality of life of the Vietnamese and Vietnamese products being in the international arena. 
SpaceShare missions are towards three main tasks:
  • Change of use of public space, optimizing every experience of the user space. 
  • Spreading through the shared space of the user, the platform members SpaceShare. 
  • Connect, build and expand community, enabling people to help and support each other to develop. 


Fanpage: https://www.fb.com/spaceshare.vn
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spaceshare.vn
Email: info@spaceshare.vn
Hotline: 0902945286

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